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SMI (Sensori Motor Intelligence)

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Type Special Class
Suitable for Adults
Equipment needed Sport Clothes
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Utilizing balloons manufactured from diverse materials and varying sizes, alongside specialized tools, adults can enhance their motor skills, elevate their physical performance in daily activities, and cultivate overall wellness. Engaging in training sessions atop unstable surfaces serves to awaken our primal muscle memory and balance, reinforcing the innate mindbody connection ingrained in humanity over millions of years through traversing uneven terrains during activities such as walking and hunting.

To pinpoint areas in need of improvement, the instructor diligently monitors the class. Upon identifying specific motor skills requiring attention, tailored exercises are seamlessly integrated into the curriculum to address these needs.

Enhancing motor skills offers universal benefits, spanning across all age groups. It not only contributes to overall health but also significantly diminishes occurrences of back and joint pain. Furthermore, it enhances athletic performance across various sports disciplines.

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