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Corporate Team Building

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— Martial arts in Our Lives —

The people of today live extraordinarily busy lives. Sadly, because of this, sports and leisure are often forgotten.


Yoseikan Budo, based on the combined principles of physical and mental education,   is a real and complete martial arts education system: it carries the mindset of martial arts and the balancing art of body & spirit into everyday life,   from schools and universities, to companies and offices.


To achieve an optimal fitness condition and clear mindset -all it takes is an hour a day of committed exercise.

One hour of Corporate training


[Warm up]
5 minutes to activate arms and legs, plus joints
[Cycle training]
10 minutes of movement, with weights and power training
[Fundamentals of boxing]
10 minutes of basic boxing/kicking exercises, and muscle stretches through larger movements
[Fundamentals of jujitsu]
15 minutes of self-defence, personal protection training, as well as falling techniques. Relaxation of important joints
[Basic swordsmanship]
10 minutes' practice using foam weapons, understanding graceful posture and style
[Competition game]
5 minutes of engaging and interactive game practice to enhance mutual understanding and camaraderie with colleagues
[Massage and relax]
5 minutes of special massage, the ideal recovery method from sedentary life and the day's accumulated fatigue

Martial arts advantages

Punches, kicks, grappling, weapons handling, and their various distances integrate into one unified system. Each segment is universal: all for one, and one for all. Through this method, learning a martial art can illustrate the complete spirit of Wushu, emphasizing a training that's not hurtful to the body.


Benefits for teachers

Yoseikan completely magnifies teacher's capacities.
All instructors are seasoned coaches with years of multidisciplinary proficiency. Each also boast rich international career experience. They teach in Chinese, English, Japanese, French, among a host of other languages. Each instructor is qualified to make according curriculum arrangements for a diverse range of pupils, adjusting to any physical condition and requirements.



For years, Yoseikan has boasted a large following across Europe, engaging with educational institutions, communities, companies, and special educational systems. Pupils from any level, from primary and secondary, in private and public education - even special education schools and nursing homes - can maximise their education in Yoseikan.

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