Yoseikan Budo proposes an all-round martial arts system with both tradition and innovation, providing a diversified, practical and friendly martial arts environment, which is suitable for students of all ages, genders, nationalities and different martial arts backgrounds.

Yoseikan Budo is established in over one hundred associations through different countries as a real world-class organization. Aiming at keeping the original purpose of a living martial art, our constant spirit of adaptation promotes the development of maximum efficiency: a healthy, strong yet flexible mind/body shape that is unique to every practitioner.
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About us
Julio Moscoso
​Originally from Spain, Julio is the official representative for Yoseikan Budo in Mainland China. He is a 3rd degree black belt and certified coach in Yoseikan Budo and started practicing martial arts at age 13

He has trained in Yoseikan since 1995 and has extensive experience in other martial arts and combat sports.

Julio trained in Thailand, Japan and France with several renowned instructors, and also in Spain under Master Mario Ambrosini (former WYF Technical Director and Yoseikan Budo World Champion). 

He joined many tournaments in Muaythai and MMA and worked 4 years as a door manager for the nightclub industry.

Before moving to Shanghai, Julio lived in Taipei for a decade and taught martial arts to locals and foreigners of all levels and ages.

Julio is here to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, but also to make you think out of the box by adding something to the way you use your body and perform your favorite moves, regardless of your previous experience or background.


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