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Striking - Boxing

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Type Modern Budo
Suitable for Adults
Equipment needed Boxing Gloves, Protections
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Boxing, Kick Boxing, Kempo.

In this class students from different disciplines -such as taekwondo, kick boxing, muay thai, karate, english boxing, savate, kung fu and others- are invited to challenge themselves and the way they think: we intend to add-up interesting strategies and elements to your style, while suggesting which moves are more or less efficient, and more natural or prone to develop chronic joint injuries.

We balance pros and cons of every way the human body can generate power during an impact. This knowledge will be handy not only for getting the desired results in every situation, but also for being aware of its benefits, risks and consequences in the short/long term.

The Yoseikan Kempo and Kick Boxing method offers a safe and well-rounded striking game to beginners, while also teaches intuitive and at times unusual moves and tactics to more advanced fighters, that can easily integrate and spice up their arsenal for a fight or sparring session.

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