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Stick Fighting (Kenjutsu)

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Type Modern Budo
Suitable for Adults
Equipment needed Foam Weapons
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Fencing and stickfight with foam-padded weapons (short, middle and long).

Similar to Gekken (the ancestor of Kendo) It allows a wide range of techniques.

Unlike modern kendo, Yoseikan Kenjutsu/Stickfighting allows to hit below the waist with your weapon, while performing foot sweeps and grappling, or striking with legs and the free hand/s during sparring. It's a kind of MMA‍ with padded weapons.

Sportive sparring with weapons dramatically improves our timing, coordination, decision-making skills and explosivity. At the same time, it's a very fun and safe way to test techniques from our traditional weapons class (Kobudo)‍ and Iaido (Japanese sword).