What is Yoseikan?

2021-06-30 22:52

【YOSEIKAN】 stems from a long line of Japanese Masters who excelled in many arts. It has evolved along the years, and now includes both traditional and modern forms.


  • health (safety, science, energy)

  • adaptability (in martial arts and in life)

  • sense of opportunity (timing, anticipation, physical/mental clarity)

【YOSEIKAN】is an all-round martial arts system with both tradition and innovation, providing a diversified, practical and friendly martial arts environment, which is suitable for students of all ages, genders, nationalities and different martial arts backgrounds.

Many of the people who join Yoseikan Budo are already highly ranked in some other form of martial arts, but want to experience a more comprehensive technique. However, Yoseikan Budo is accessible to beginners too, and teaching methods are adapted to one's own physical abilities and expectations.

Unlike other martial arts
Yoseikan is NOT a synthesis of various arts
but rather a development of various branches issued from - and sharing - the same common trunk or core:
an efficient use of the body as a whole through an undulation,
vibration or wave created in the body's epicenter

The Name

The name YOSEIKAN has many different meanings that all convey the philosophy of both masters Minoru and Hiroo Mochizuki.

The literal translation is:

" The place where what is true / right is taught "
Or to make more sense to the Western mind:
"The way that works best "

Yoseikan is a personal experience that may not be the same for every practitioner.

" Education, food for the soul "
" Righteousness "
" School "
" Searching for peace "
" The way "

The Symbol


Perfection. The circle is interrupted by the bottom tip of the mountain. This symbolises that it is impossible to achieve perfection. It is therefore important to remain modest and humble.


Being grounded, solid and strong. There are many paths to the top of the mountain. Each person must follow their own path.


Represents the ever changing directions of life and the many situations that can be experienced by each individual.


Air, oxygen, light.


Water, suppleness, calm, adaptation, hope.


Earth, honesty, clarity.

The Outfit (Gi)

Jacket - Dark Blue

  • Yin (In)

  • Negative

  • Defence

  • Deflect

  • Absorb

  • Feel

  • Sensitive

  • Soft

Trousers - White with Blue Stripes

  • Yang (Yo)

  • Positive

  • Offence

  • Power

  • Hard

  • Strong

Belt - White and Blue (Symbolises the Wave)

Everybody from novice to expert level wears the same belt so there is no visual difference. This forces the practitioner to focus on their own self and weaknesses. The technical ability of a person is only realised when training with them. Technical ability is not necessarily proportional to moral value and vice versa.

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