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Type Modern Budo
Suitable for Adults
Equipment needed Boxing Gloves, Protections
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Mixed martial arts, jujitsu‍, boxing‍‍ (with protective gear).

Yoseikan Budo as a martial art/sport is a very complete method that emphasizes:

- Health (safety, science, energy)

- Adaptability (in martial arts and in life)

- Sense of opportunity (timing, anticipation, physical/mental clarity)

Yoseikan Budo is a comprehensive method that goes far beyond synthesis of several existing methods.

Aspirants are taught to remember, that the technique is not what makes the movement – instead, it’s the movement that makes the technique.

Yoseikan Budo is accessible to beginners too, and teaching methods are adapted to one's own physical abilities and expectations.

What is Yoseikan Budo?